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Preloved - Shirley Marr I feel like people might burn me at the stake for doing this, but. Is this book I'm reading the same one that everyone four-starred??

Maybe I set my standards too high. Maybe I was expecting Laini Taylor prose and so came out severely disappointed when met with a writing style that seemed(don't hit me) kind of really juvenile. Maybe it's because I can't stand Amy. Or maybe it's because I'm asian and can't see the wonder of chinese mythology because I live around it.

"You look so awesome!" I admired. "It must be so hard to be awesome all the time."
^ this is probably the sentence that got me reading the book through the i-hate-this-already filter.

I don't know. I think I'll read it again another time to see if I was prejudiced against preloved (yes I think I was). Maybe when the first twenty pages don't make me want to shut the book and place it in the furthest corner of my room. Yeah.