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Swear - Nina Malkin Nina Malkin's writing style is...unique. It takes some time getting used to, and in all honesty it really isn't my thing.
This book wasn't anything amazing. Yeah, there was a plot (hurrah) but it wasn't a plot that goes BAM. There was a complication that really, nobody seems to genuinely worry about, a bit of angst, lots of eccentric here-there 1920s narration and fun, and then a solution to the complication that's so absurd in its simplicity that it really doesn't make sense when you stop to think about it.
Really, you find a mysterious psychic girl who all but shoves the answer to your problem down your throat? Then after receiving enlightenment and some cool magic powers, you decide to give it all up to faith and love to fix your problem?
And then there's that issue I had with the dynamics of Sin and Dice's early relationship. How is Dice the bad person for kissing someone else after Sin's disappeared for six months? With Sin's history of flirting around and basically screwing the whole town, how come DICE is made to feel guilty? That's some serious backward thinking. I didn't feel good at all reading that part, it just felt really wrong.
This book was just...unimpressive. If there's another book out I don't think I'll be reading it.