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Fracture Me - Tahereh Mafi (I have a lot of feelings.)
Oh, how Adam Kent pisses me off so. I feel so betrayed- there I was during Unravel Me, doing my best not to leap onto the Warner boat because that would be like infidelity and I thought you were a decent (if a little flat and boring) guy. I WAS WRONG. you asshat. You don't deserve Juliette. you wanker. You're not everybody's hero. You might feel the need to protect everyone you love because in your tiny eyes (that lie at the top of your head), you're strong and they're WEAK, but guess what? Maybe they don't need you like you think they do. Hell, you don't even love Juliette. For holy cow's sake, you just see her as your pretty trophy girl who's a little wrong in the head. You just THINK you love her, and the Juliette you "love" isn't Juliette, it's your own sad idea of who you want her to be. Your definition of love needs fixing, because putting someone down in your thoughts isn't love, thinking of her as "weak" and "a toddler" and someone who needs protection 24/7 isn't love, choosing not to rescue her (?????) ISN'T love. And who says James must be the only person who comes first in your life? Can't Juliette share the same top rung in your ridiculous ladder of importance? Your logic needs fixing as well.
It's great that you love your brother so deeply, but really, your mental attitude needs repair. You need to stop seeing the world like you rule it and get some real perspective. You need to stop trying to change the people around you and start changing yourself instead. Your character pales so much in comparison to Warner's that it's like you turn transparent. Who's Adam again?

RANT OVER! Thank you, Tahereh Mafi for so intentionally showing her readers that this sort of "love" isn't right.