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Crossroads - Mary Ting Warning! Harsh review.

I wanted so much to like this book. I love the cover and the blurb seemed interesting enough, so I figured it wouldn't be bad- considering all the stellar reviews on Goodreads, too.

Crossroads fell WAY short of my expectations. I am entirely nonplussed by all the five-star reviews on Goodreads. WHY? Lots of things were illogical and unrealistic.
The plot of the book might have been interesting enough to some, but many, many things made it impossible for me to like this book. I have used things twice now. Not good

-The writing language. We are not five year olds. It's painful to elaborate so I'll save myself the trouble.

-Claudia Emerson- the female protagonist- is a Mary-sue. I HATE MARY-SUES WITH A BURNING PASSION I had no idea all teenage girls spoke this way. Claudia's stream of consciousness was really fake- she sounded like a bland ten year old with no conscience or common sense. Who in their right mind would go out partying until twelve when evil unnatural abominations are out to get her? Also, she asks too many questions in her mind. It's almost like the author is forcing questions in to add to the "suspense". Also, almost everyone was plain annoying. Except Davin, maybe. But the writing style ruined my chances of liking him.

-The romance. I thought that at least, being a YA novel, the romance here would be quality. But no, it's Twilight all over again! This time, Claudia falls in love at first sight with a boy from her dream and entirely based on his looks. Which is actually an issue with her character (or lack thereof). Michael too- from what I read, he does almost nothing but swoon over Claudia's hair.
No offense, but I found the chemistry between Michael and Claudia severely lacking.

This book has messed with my thoughts. Sorry if this review sucked!
/end of rant-review