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Isabel of the Whales - Hester Velmans So I took this from my younger brother's bookshelf a few days ago and read it on a whim!

I wish the author had made Isabel a little older. It's ridiculous to have a relationship (with a whale) when you're eleven, and then hear the freaking whale love song of your life, AND then go on to have a human boyfriend when you're fourteen. Couldn't you have made her at least sixteen in the prologue, Hester Velmans? :( (I understand that there's a follow-up to this book, called [b:Jessaloup's Song|12379577|Jessaloup's Song|Hester Velmans|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1347372704s/12379577.jpg|17360177], but it just doesn't really make sense in this book.)
But anyway, to the point, I think this book does a really good job of educating kids on endangered whale species and the importance of marine life protection, all while weaving it into a good and refreshing story.

Overall, 3.9 stars! (Heehee) I'd have really enjoyed this book if I was younger, say, four or five years ago.