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Ella Enchanted - Gail Carson Levine This. Is an. Enchanting. Gift of a book! (pun intended haha sorry) As soon as I started reading Ella Enchanted I couldn't put it down. I came across it when I was 11 but for some stupid reason never got around to reading the actual story instead of the lazy blurb at the back. So here's my sucky review.
Ella Enchanted isn't flawless. Something I need to get off my back- it's ending left me extremely dissatisfied. It felt like the author was in a hurry to finish up the story and left me with frustrated questions. Did Char ever find out about Ella's secret letters to him? What were his feelings when he realised the truth at the end? How did Ella retrieve her necklace back from Hattie? I need DETAILS. Ugh. And where is the fluff at the end?! I like ending fluff.
In my opinion that was the only downfall of Ella Enchanted. What I love about this book is that it doesn't have frills or purple prose. Gail Carson Levine's writing style is clear and carves a fantasy world that feels "old magical" and homely.
Angst. The author is good at creating sadistic plots where Ella tortures herself to the point where I feel like crying and throwing my tissue at the words. Her situation is so heartwrenching, especially when she's so strong and funny and intelligent- almost everything that I would love a main character to be. Gail Levine manages to flesh out her characters fully so that no character is perfect. Everyone has a personality. (I detested Hattie and ridiculed her in my mind- my dislike for her is that intense.)
I could write a million things about this book, but I'm not good at writing positive reviews. All I can say is that reading Ella Enchanted somehow felt like I was re entering my childhood- it felt amazing.
Nothing left to say. This book is a really great read.