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Ripple - Mandy Hubbard I expected Ripple to have a more haunting feel to it- after all it is a story about sirens. Nevertheless, Ripple was still achingly good for a story about sirens set in modern times. There were a few things I had trouble accepting though.

- I think Sienna as a siren name sounds better than Lexi. This doesn't affect the my rating though haha-It's just a personal preference.

- Lexi forgave her tormentors way too easily, and they didn't even apologize! (Dem bitches be idiots) Girl, just because you're chummy with Sienna(oh, Sienna~ How pretty your name is so!) again doesn't mean the bullies become your best friends. It just strikes me as wrong and I felt really uneasy reading that part.

- The ending was a little rushed. I would have like it very much if more attention given to the tension between Lexi and Sienna.

- Cole and Lexi gave up their social lives and resorted to hiding at the library during lunch just to stay out of Sienna's way. Again, it just struck me as wrong, wrong, wrong. I know Sienna has the upper hand but that doesn't mean you have to practically kneel and obey her demand. What kind of moral is this book imparting?!

Don't take this the wrong way though! I quite like this book. The prose was smooth flowing and the language was simple but . The mythology based on sirens was fairly intriguing- it's what made me pick up the book in the first place. In a good way, there was a action-filled twist to the ending that I never expected- and that added a star to my rating.